I had another photography team with 5 guys at my wedding but the photo I really liked was from Keedon, who came alone in a three-piece suit, stood at the back and produced something that a gallery in Germany accepted.
— Martin Lau
We really love to watch sun rise so Keedon got up at 5am and walked with us to Tai Mo Shan in a cold & wet January. I brought my family camera that I grew up with and to my surprise he gladly reached out and took a set of touching photos with it. Its only fair that the family camera see who you are now he said.
— Tiffany Tsah
We went to PMQ for our shoot and was little nervous about it since it was a public space. He realised this quickly and brought us to a less crowded area and worked with available furnitures to produce real candid pictures.
— Kady Yam
I was looking for something special for our prewedding. Keedon suggested to do a shoot in his studio and asked us to bring props over. We ended up having photos of us kicking football, posing with Coke, making pour over coffee. These are the things that we enjoyed and he took it for us unexpectedly.
— Tiffany Sum
I never had an editorial shoot before. Keedon reached out and we did a shoot at The Murrays. I was quite impressed by the photos and how quickly I get them back edited.
— Rachel Tai