I’m Keedon, a portrait and lifestyle photographer

A doctor who loves photography

I came from a medical background and had received training in Hong Kong. Through the interactions with people of various walks, I realised how much I enjoyed listening to their stories. And in the process they let me have a glimpse of who they are, captured as a vivid visual memory just like a portrait. That is when I decided to pick up a camera for the world to see.

I never looked back since then.


Fact 1

I was born and raised in Sydney, then lived in Singapore and now Hong Kong, so I have respect for multiculturalism and how self image varies.


Fact 2

I use a combination of vintage and modern lenses from Leica because I am hugely in love with a timeless filmic look.


Fact 3

I am a medical doctor; photography is a passionate alter ego . I am in it to create art.


Fact 4

I like to keep a tight quota of shoots where quality reigns over quantity. Hence I will not work on another shoot until all the photos are delivered.


I wanted portraits for my barber shop but couldnt find the right photographer to do it. Keedon is my client and one day he brought his camera during a hair cut. I let him do a few shots and was surprised by the photos he creates. They were so organic. I asked him to do another shoot for me right after. He won a LFI Gallery Submission with my portraits.

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